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Booking via Booking.com? Here’s Why You Should Book Direct

When it comes to travelling, whether internationally or domestically, Booking.com is top of mind for many individuals. 

And why wouldn’t it be? It makes booking hotels an absolute breeze, right? Well, it may be an easy one-stop location for hotel hunting, but the cost of convenience is evident when it comes to this booking platform. 

We’ve taken a deep dive into all things Booking.com vs booking directly, so you can make an educated decision about where to book your stay from now on!


What are the pros/cons of Booking.com?

Booking.com is renowned as one of the most popular booking platforms across the globe, combining 20+ years of industry experience. It’s incredibly user friendly, giving you endless search options and is a one-stop location for all your travel needs. 

You’ll have no issue finding all the benefits of booking with Booking.com, like:

  • “Free cancellation” offered on many rooms, with no surcharge, advertised clearly
  • Clear pricing with no hidden fees – no reservation or admin fees 
  • A user-friendly app that makes it easy to book on the move
  • Your loyalty is rewarded with freebies, perks and discounts with a membership. It’s free of charge, automatically triggered once you place your fifth booking. 
  • Price match guarantee
  • Over 90 million reviews


Why Booking.com isn't quite as beneficial as it advertises


So, what’s the downside?

Well, while Booking.com definitely makes things convenient and seems like it has all the solutions – most of it is completely dependent on the hotel in the first place. 

For example, the loyalty perks? These perks are ONLY offered by the hotels themselves, not actually by Booking.com, meaning what you receive is dependent on the hotels you actually interact with. 

Similarly, most of the “free cancellation” and missing additional fees are, again, based on the hotel. It’s not a benefit Booking.com themselves offer – it’s just advertising it front and centre.  

Again, while Booking.com boasts exceptional customer service and the “freedom to communicate directly with your chosen accommodation” they act merely as a middle man. It can take out the security of actually picking up the phone and directly communicating with reception, which can actually over-complicated things in the long run.


But there’s a number of other cons that have been discovered with this platform, including:

  • Refunds can be delayed as Booking.com due to “middle man” situation 
  • Booking.com charges a 15% commission per reservation toward the hotel, meaning they’re either at a loss or will heighten their prices to accommodate this charge
  • Customer support is “great” for people who’ve had little to no issues, but for those with actual issues, there have been reports of hearing “crickets” from Booking.com. Again – because you’re dealing with a system, not a customer service representative for the hotel directly
  • Cancellation and change fees are more punitive than booking directly. While they brag “free cancellation” on many of their rooms, the terms and conditions on cancellations AND change fees can be pretty sneaky, and really disheartening when you realise a direct booking would make your needs a priority


While we definitely believe that Booking.com can be an easy way to make all your bookings in one spot, and remove all the overwhelm of searching through sites for hours on end looking for the perfect place, we also believe it’s the kind of system that profits directly off unaware consumers. 

By advertising pop words like “free cancellation” “great customer service” and “clear pricing” they pull you in, without providing the safety net you need when travelling. More so, as this is a global industry, it doesn’t put the same kind of care into its residents that a direct hotel booking will. 



What are the benefits of booking direct?


When you book direct at Studio 8, you're giving us insight into how real customers experience our service, so we can optimise specifically for you!


This information can be used to tailor discounts, make updates to the platform, prices, or residence itself, and enhance the overall guest experience. It means that you can rest assured whatever you’re fighting to get on a booking platform – someone that cares will see it, and recognise how to tailor the process for you in future. Pretty handy, hey?


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s address some frequently asked questions about the importance of direct bookings for hotels like Studio 8 Residences (because we know there are a LOT!)


1. Can guests still find Studio 8 Residences on other online booking platforms?

Yes, Studio 8 Residences does have a presence on many popular online travel agencies, for the purpose of reaching a wide audience and catering to our guests who strictly prefer these platforms. However, we encourage guests to book directly through our website so you can take advantage of direct pricing (which always comes out cheaper!) as well as any additional, exclusive promotions we have going.


2. Are direct bookings secure?

Absolutely! Studio 8 Residences prioritises the security and privacy of guests. Guests can have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and secure when booking directly with us!


3. What if I need to modify or cancel my reservation?

When guests book directly with us, they have the advantage of flexible modification and cancellation policies. We’re readily available to assist guests with any changes or cancellations, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for all!


4. How can I find the best rates for Studio 8 Residences?

To find the best rates for Studio 8 Residences, guests are encouraged to visit the hotel’s official website. Direct prices always come out cheaper, but we’ll also let you in on the fact we often have exclusive, direct-only discounts and specials available for you to take advantage of from time to time. It’s all about ensuring you get the best deal, no matter what. 


5. How can I contact Studio 8 Residences for direct bookings?

To book directly with Studio 8 Residences, jump online to our super seamless booking platform and take advantage of our exclusive discounts and seamless process. 


 Booking direct may seem like a time waste, but the benefits are more plentiful than you may know


The benefits of booking direct may be hidden, but that doesn’t stop there being a wealth of reasons why you should book directly. 

First of all, we’d like to acknowledge that booking directly is GOOD for hotels. It puts money directly in their pocket, ensures they’re in control of their bookings, and saves them the hassle of having to communicate through a middle man.

But aside the “kind hearted” benefits, here’s what you can enjoy when booking direct:

  • It’s CHEAPER to book direct. Yep, we know Booking.com may disagree, but the fact is that there ARE additional fees. The commission charged to the hotel is factored into the cost and, even if they don’t up their prices, hotels are suffering from loss of profit from booking platforms. Even if it’s cheaper now – many hotels have been known to up their prices over the course of years to withstand this commission cost, or cut costs on providing optimised service.
  • Booking directly with the hotel gives you more flexibility and better communication about your preferences. A hotel directly cares about the customer – it’s how they make money – so they’re more than likely to work toward giving you the very best stay. 
  • You’ll receive instant (and assured) confirmation when booking. Although this is another benefit that Booking.com brags about, it’s easy for Booking.com to confirm the booking immediately, but they still need to wait for the hotel to actually process this. If you’re booking a popular night, or the hotel is nearly booked, you always run the risk on Booking.com that someone else has booked the room direct before you – there’s less chance of that happening when you book direct. 

(Sidenote: YES, we know Booking.com will blame hotels for not “listing this change”. However, ask yourselves honestly. If someone books directly 5 seconds before you book through a platform, how realistic is it to expect this change to be altered on the platform?)

It makes it pretty clear that booking directly can be of great benefit to those with the willingness and time to follow this process. 



Why Studio 8 Residences has made booking direct as beneficial for you as possible (and super easy!)


When you book direct with Studio 8 Residences, you can save - and enjoy seamless customer service


At Studio 8 Residences, we believe booking direct should be something that’s accessible and beneficial to both the hotel AND the resident. Which is why we’ve made our booking platform as seamless as possible. 

Sure, you can find us on Booking.com and other platforms, but our direct booking system gives you a step up when it comes to securing the best for your stay in Sydney. 

Studio 8 Residences has everything you need for your corporate and leisure stays, offering services in both long-stay and short-stay accommodation. We offer a convenient location, seamless design with functionality and style that makes a difference. 

Because we offer so many beneficial services to our residences, varying on their stay length, use and personal needs, booking with us directly enables you to have complete control over every detail of your stay. Plus, we’re always happy to help with any questions you have, giving you a complete run-down of what your stay will entail. 

And the best part: when you book directly with us, you unlock exclusive savings and benefits. By bypassing third-party booking platforms, you can take advantage of our best available rates, special offers and unique perks. So you can enjoy a seamless and personalised booking experience, while maximising your savings. 

The fact is, Booking.com is a great platform for individuals who want to save time and enjoy the convenience of it all being “someone else’s problem”. However, when you consider the fine details and hidden conditions, booking directly can be much more beneficial to both the hotel, and the customer. 

If you want to experience the difference that booking directly with Studio 8 Residences can do for you, click here to book/inquire now


“I have stayed at Studio 8 a few times. The parking is secure and the rooms very clean. I also like the free morning coffee … Their email responses are good and I find the place to always be very quiet at night.”

~ Suzie

“This is such a lovely place which is clean, new and quiet. A perfect location in the heart of Ryde with shops, cafes and restaurants all around. Public transport basically at the door. I would highly recommend this place with lovely staff who went above and beyond for my requests. You even get a free barista made coffee each day. 10/10” 

~ Alice


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