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Why Studio 8 Residences is Adults Only: 18+

You may not know it yet, but Studio 8 Residences is actually a proud adults only residence in Sydney. That’s right – we only accept bookings from individuals 18+. 

While this may seem a little unusual to some, adults-only accommodation options are only growing in popularity, and you’d be surprised just how important this feature is to a corporate visitor.

Here’s everything you need to know on why we made the choice to be adults only.  

What does adults-only actually mean?

Before you ask – no, it’s not some kind of private party venue where guests engage in questionable behaviour. Adults-only hotels, hostels, and other accommodation options simply mean that these properties do not admit children. The minimum age to enter is between 16 and 18 years old, with Studio 8 Residences putting a cap from 18 and up. 

Advantages of adults-only accommodation

So, why is it that some hotels and resorts are adults-only? It’s simple: some adults want the peace and mind of a stay without the limitations of young kids.


Adults only accommodation actually has a wide variety of benefits for customers, especially corporate residents and couples looking to take a break from the kids


It’s not for people that hate kids, no. Many times, it’s the kind of place that parents get away to when they have a “no-kids” weekend and want to escape the screams and yells that do their head in on the regular. 

For corporate travellers, it can be a great way to establish a sense of professionalism in their travels, especially if they plan to use meeting rooms in the facility, or just want a sense of peace while they work. 

Here’s the top advantages of adults-only accommodation options:

  • They create a quiet environment free from excessive noise
  • These kinds of hotels/resorts can focus their attention on the enjoyment of adults, as opposed to spending a great deal of their resources catering to children – which means more things to love!
  • Guests can meet other people, make new friends, and enjoy adults-only company, without worrying about slipping a swear or having a drink or two. 
  • They’re ideal for romantic getaways for couples
  • It can save on costs: some services will actually charge more for the consideration of damages kids may create, putting a higher cost on all rooms for this “insurance”

There are so many advantages that adults-only hotels have actually become a global trend!



Why Studio 8 Residences is Adults Only 18+

Studio 8 Residences is loved for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that we can accommodate all your corporate and leisure needs. 

And a big part of making sure you can enjoy the best of corporate and fun accommodation? Ensuring there’s nothing to get in the way of your stay. 

We boast a great location and facilities, quality accommodation, courteous staff, safe parking, free wifi, a number of amenities and common spaces, plus our very own authentic Italian coffee available at our on-site cafe. 

But what we really care about is giving you the very best from your stay. Which means going the extra mile in considering your needs – and enabling a space free of screaming kids, where you don’t need to worry about being asked for ID every single time you order a drink, and don’t have to be “guilty until proven innocent” when it comes to conduct … (Anyone else seen those strange “No one is allowed to urinate in the lobby” signs that make you question where exactly you’re staying?) 

We mean, just imagine the difference it makes to our rooftop terrace…


Our rooftop terrace has uniquely peaceful vibes as a result of our adults-only policy


We love kids – don’t get us wrong! But we also love creating the best environment for our customers, so they can work, live, and dream in absolute peace and get the most out of this luxury experience. 

It’s about making your lives easier, and we’re pleasantly surprised with just how well received this is by our residents…


“A real gem of a place to stay for a short trip to the showgrounds. Would stay again.”

~ Donna

A short and comfortable work stay … The linen, shower and AC were all perfect. The proximity to the shopping center made it very convenient for meals.”

~ Carolyn 

“Fantastic Homebase for visiting Sydney … Great location on clean, dependable, easy-to-use public transportation (30-40 mins to CBD). Across the street from Top Ryde Shops, a vertical shopping center with numerous eating choices, grocery stores and more. Staff very eager to be of assistance. Room was well appointed, great balcony for morning coffee. Plenty of auxiliary amenities: laundry, large kitchen, outdoor grilling area, indoor lounge with Foosball, rooftop gathering area, etc. The entire hotel is very modern and very clean.

~ Mike


Here at Studio 8 Residences, we’re an adults-only 18+ establishment for a reason. And that reason makes a real difference to our corporate clients, studying students, and kid-free couples. 

While it can be a controversial idea for some, adults-only accommodation is becoming a global trend, and it’s something we’re proud to offer. It allows us to tailor our services specifically to adults, creating a sense of comfort, convenience and cleanliness that truly feels like a home away from home. 

If you’re looking for adults-only accommodation in Sydney, book a stay with us directly and save.


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