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Things To Consider When Booking Corporate Accommodation

3 things to consider when booking corporate accommodation

Whether you’re a seasoned business traveller or an employee who travels annually for work gatherings, choosing the appropriate accommodation for your corporate trip is crucial to ensure business runs smoothly. 

There’s just 3 things to consider when booking corporate accommodation: safety, facilities, and location. We’ve broken each down to help you make sense of how to find the best corporate accommodation for you. 


Is the accommodation safe?

When booking corporate accomodation, be sure to look for a place that offers safety in all regards


And we’re not just talking about privacy and security… When booking corporate accommodation, be sure to look out for things like COVID safety, cleanliness, sanitation, privacy, security and even check out a few reviews to see exactly what the experience is like. 

As a business traveller, it’s important to be in a safe, secure and clean environment that won’t put you at risk of falling sick, compromise your safety, or anything that might alter the course of your trip. 

If you can find a safe environment to stay in, you’ll be able to enjoy a seamless experience. 


What facilities are included?

To book the best corporate accomodation for you, find a place that can offer facilities like free wifi, kitchens in rooms, a study desk, and even parking!


In the past, booking corporate accommodation would often be decided based on the length of stay. However, these days, there are certain features that have become a much higher priority, regardless of the length of stay. 

For example, fully-equipped kitchens have become a necessity, and many are searching for an accommodation option that includes a dedicated workstation and/or conference rooms for additional use. Many travellers may also choose to drive instead of fly, putting a demand for parking on the rise. Free WiFi can come in handy for business travellers too.

When booking corporate accommodation, be sure to consider everything you may need and compare different options to see exactly which will best serve all your needs. 


How well-located is it?

Find a corporate apartment that's got a good location for all your business needs


As they say “location, location, location!” and this is no different when it comes to booking corporate accommodation. Be sure to consider how well-located each accommodation option is and exactly what it can provide you with. 

It’ll save you a lot of time if your corporate accommodation is located in close proximity to where work is carried out. 

You may want direct and close access to the city centre and are happy to put up with a bit of noise while staying there. You may want to get to the city quickly, but stay out of all the action of city-living. You may even want a location that’s close to the airport. Or, you may want a mix of a few things: close to the airport, not far from the city, and near other amenities that you’ll need to access. 

If you can consider this, you’ll have a much easier time on your trip!


Why Studio 8 is the go-to corporate accommodation option in Sydney

Studio 8 Residences are the perfect choice of corporate accomodation in Sydney


Studio 8 is at your service for all your corporate and leisure needs and we’re the go-to choice in Sydney. We offer fast and free Wi-Fi in all rooms and throughout the residence, with deluxe studios that are tastefully furnished and provide such comforts as premium bedding, TV and more. 

It’s in the best location: well-positioned in Ryde, situated just across the road from Top Ryde Shopping and close to public transport to make your excursions to the city as easy as possible. 

We’ll provide you with everything you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible when staying with us in our studio apartments. Our convenient check-in and check-out system creates a seamless experience and allows you to get right on with making the most of your time here.

These spacious studio apartments were created to make your experience as convenient and relaxed as possible. We have a meeting room, chill out zones, plus an additional rooftop perfect for carrying out your business wherever you need – room included! We offer 24-hour secure parking and are available for long or short-term stays. 


“A lovely hotel with a great location. The rooms were extremely clean with a good layout. Location is across the road from the Top Ryde shopping centre with everything you need. Was very quiet and well equipped with everything you need. Bed was comfy and shower pressure was great.”

~ Lauren 


“Immaculately clean. They thought of all your needs and more. Great views in the balcony and in the rooftop! Parking is only 10$. Can’t ask for a better stay. Definitely value for money! …”

~ Julia


When booking corporate accommodation, it’s important to consider things like safety, facilities and location before settling on anything. There are a vast range of different corporate accommodation options available today, but factoring in these aspects will help make the choice all the easier. 

If you’re looking for corporate accommodation in Sydney that keeps you close to the action without the fuss of city living. A place where you can hold your meetings, work, live, and do it all as seamlessly as possible. Studio 8 Residences has everything you need to make your corporate trip a comfortable and easy one. To learn more about our services, contact us today.


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