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Reduce business travel stress with these 6 helpful tips


All of us know that travel can be an incredibly stressful experience, especially if not planned well enough beforehand. But when it comes to travelling for business, things can get even more overwhelming. 

According to a survey by On Call International, the hectic, high-pressure nature of business travel is perpetuating unhealthy diets, a lack of regular exercise, poor sleeping habits, and unhealthy vices. 16% of travellers in this survey said they drink more on business trips than they usually do, with 8% stating they are more likely to smoke cigarettes. 

Organisations have been encouraged to step up and invest in the health and well-being of their travelling employees, but travellers themselves should work to do everything in their power to make their trips run smoothly. Here are 6 tips on how to reduce business travel stress. 

What causes business travel stress and anxiety?

Though travel seems like it should be an exciting time, it inevitably throws us into unfamiliar places and situations that result in increased stress or anxiety. 

As a business traveller, the success of your trip impacts other parts of your life. It’s not just worrying about being stuck in traffic for hours on your way back from the airport because you’re already exhausted and need to unwind – it’s the added worry that, if you don’t make it back from the airport in time, you’ll either miss much-needed rest for an important event ahead, or miss it altogether. 

If your plane is delayed, this could mean having to postpone potential clients, for example. Or, if you lose your luggage, you may lose all the essentials for a presentation. 

Add the uncertainty that the pandemic threw around and it’s clear how stressful business travel can be.


Travelling for business can be a lot more stressful than regular travelling for so many different reasons!


Helpful tips to reduce business travel stress


1. Get ahead before you go 

Before your trip, complete as much work as you can, so it’s not waiting for you once you’re at home, arriving at your destination, or through your flight. If you do have work that needs to be done while travelling, try to ensure it’s all bite-sized jobs that you can easily plan into your trip. 

It can also help, in the days leading up to the trip, to clarify expectations with your supervisor. Get them to set clear goals and expectations for your trip and arrange to touch base with them while you’re away and find out how best to reach them in emergencies, if needed. 

2. Be prepared


Preparation really is everything when it comes to travel - especially for business travellers.


Preparation really is everything when it comes to travel – especially for business travellers. Pack everything at least 3 days before your trip. Have backup chargers and backup plans for when something goes wrong. Check your itinerary and get knowledgeable about your trip, even down to details like what the weather will be like and where hospitals are located. Pack all important medical, travel and work documents in your hand luggage to ensure they won’t get lost. 

3. Embrace home comforts

We all know the age old saying “home sweet home” and, when travelling, there’s nothing more relaxing than the idea of being back at home, in the comfort of your own bed. When travelling for business, a small reminder of home can increase your comfort dramatically while away. Something as simple as watching your favourite TV show, bringing your own blanket, or looking at pictures of your partner/family can help bring you back to base and make your travel destination feel a little closer to home. 


4. Take advantage of downtime

Spending every waking moment of your trip focusing on business can lead to a great deal of stress. If you have half an hour between meetings? Take a breather and explore the city, go to a park, or even sit down at a much-loved restaurant to treat your taste buds to some new flavours. It’s a great way to unwind and ensure balance through your trip.


Take advantage of your downtime through your trip: enjoy life's small delights such as a delicious meal at a new restaurant

5. Keep your support network close

Whether that’s friends or family, it’s a good idea to keep in close communication with your support network throughout your trip. It can be as simple as a five minute call at the end of each day to unpack, or just a text message to the group chat venting about your meeting. Connection will make a real difference to your levels of stress while travelling. 

6. Monitor your sleep, diet and exercise

Sleep, diet and exercise are all directly linked to stress and maintaining healthy amounts of each will reduce burnout during your business trip. Ensure you get enough hours of sleep, eat well (even if that’s as simple as eating that salad you get with dinner…) and exercise where possible, even if that’s just a jog around the block. 

Travel is already stressful enough but, when you have to add in business to that trip, things can get pretty overwhelming. Though you’ll never be quite as content as you are at home, there are many ways to make your stay more comfortable, and these 6 helpful tips are just small, simple steps to start improving your trip. 

For a home away from home in Sydney? Studio 8 Residences are located in the heart of Ryde, in a convenient, comfortable location. Our incredible, modern designs and facilities are intended to make your stay as homely as possible and we encourage you to contact us today to learn more about making your business trip as stress-free as possible. 


We even have conference rooms and communal spaces to host your meetings and free WiFi to make everything as easy as possible…



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