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Social Distancing In A Shared House | Studio 8

Social Distancing in Shared Accommodation: Tips and Tricks

How to protect yourself and others and stay CoVid-safe, while studying in Sydney

Covid-19 has been hounding the population of the world for long enough that we have become used to taking steps to stay safe in our everyday lives. During this time, we’ve come up with strategies to stop the spread such as social distancing and using masks. 

People often wonder how to manage when living in shared accommodation.

Unlike those who live in a house or apartment with immediate family, the residents of shared accommodation interact and deal with strangers in the common areas of their place of residence. Lounges, shared kitchens and barbeque facilities, or even shared bathrooms and showers can mean that if one person gets sick, everyone in the building feels at risk.

So how can we protect ourselves and others living in shared accommodation? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you out.




Social Distancing

Social distancing, staying about two metres away from the people close by, has been the main way to stay safe during the pandemic. It does become a little hard to do when you’re living around people that could have been literally anywhere that day, around people that might be sick, in the same building.

To stay safe around the confines of your shared accommodation, we recommend a few things:

1. Limit Common Room Visits

Even if you take the utmost precautions to keep from getting sick, others may not take it as seriously. More people mean more chances to get sick. While it’s not feasible to just confine yourself to your room when not out at work or exercising, you can limit the number of times you visit common areas within the building or residence to stay safe.

2. Wear a Mask in High Traffic Areas

When you do end up going to the common kitchen to prepare your 60-cent ramen or other budget meal of the day, or going to the packed laundry room to do the washing you’ve been putting off like the rest of the students in the building, it’s advised to wear a mask. It’s that extra layer of protection when you physically can’t social distance.

Shared Facilities

Whether you’re in a share-house or -apartment, student accommodation, or living in a hostel/hotel, you can’t just stay in your room and have everything you need when living with others. Inevitably going to the kitchen to prepare meals or using the laundry facilities can cause you to feel at risk of getting sick.


Wash Your Hands

1. Wash Your Hands

It’s common practice nowadays to wash your hands with soap before eating. It’s now also important to do it when you come 

home from being outside, before you prepare meals, after using common areas, and for many other reasons. Wash your hands with soap often and for at least twenty seconds to stay safe.


2. Sanitise Surfaces

While not as important as washing your hands, sanitising surfaces that others may have touched before your use is great hygiene practice. You can buy easy-to-use spray cans of sanitiser or have a small packet of sanitiser wipes for when going to the bathroom or before and after you prepare meals to keep yourself and others safe.


3. Prepare Food in Bulk

If you’re worried about getting sick in a large student accommodation building or a housemate has the virus, the kitchen might be a hazardous place for you. The long-stay apartments at Studio 8 Residences have kitchenettes in-room featuring a fridge and microwave, which can help day-to-day. Another option is to use the shared kitchen to cook in bulk and then keep the portions in your in-room fridge.



Studio 8 Long Term Stays 

If you’re interested in finding long term accommodation in Sydney that takes health and safety seriously, Studio 8 Residences has you covered. Featuring numerous facilities and services to make you feel like you’re at home, Studio 8 Residences is the place to check out for your extended stay needs. Click the link to find out more!

If you’re looking for affordable but excellent accommodation, contact Studio 8 here for more information or to organise an inspection. We would be delighted to show you our available room types and all the many facilities we offer our residents.



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