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Welcome to Studio 8 Residences. Whether its for work or play we have you covered with Sydney’s latest accommodation offering, incorporating seamless design with functionality and style.

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Benefits Of Student Accommodation | Studio 8

6 Reasons to Move into a Studio Apartment in Sydney

Why a studio apartment is excellent for students studying in Sydney

While looking for a place to rent, you may run into some complications. Do I need to find someone to move in with? Where do I get furniture from? Why does electricity cost so much? From share-housing to apartment living, these may be some issues or fears that can arise before and after moving in. One style of accommodation you might not have considered yet that is perfect for students studying in Sydney, is the studio apartment.

What is a studio apartment and is it worth it to rent one? A studio apartment is an apartment or flat that houses one central room containing the living area, bedroom, and kitchen/kitchenette, with the bathroom typically remaining separate. The studio apartment is absolutely perfect for student living, with enough space to live comfortably without becoming too much of a hassle to maintain. 


The relatively smaller style of living isn’t for everyone but there are a whole lot of benefits if you decide to commit and move into a studio apartment:



On average, studio apartments are cheaper to rent compared to other styles of accommodation. With less furniture needed (or coming already fully furnished), an easy space to keep tidy, and the added incentive to spend more time out and about, the studio apartment is perfect for cutting down living costs + time doing housework.



Studio apartments are usually located within complexes right in the city centre or near universities, meaning transport no longer becomes a problem when going to class or work.

Apart from that, the daily living convenience is far greater than living in a house. It’s easier to clean the apartment, with just one or two rooms to clean in comparison to the many contained within a house. Furthermore, when you’re constantly moving around the one space, the incentive to keep everything tidy is greater, meaning your space remains cleaner for longer.

The studio apartments at Studio 8 Residences, Ryde, are extremely conveniently located, with all the action right outside your door.



Most studio apartments come fully furnished. This saves you the hassle of finding furniture, then trying to get it into the apartment itself; the furnished apartments are incredibly easy to move into and get settled straight away. 

This not only saves money, but a lot of time. If you’re in the process of moving to a city, or even the country takes a lot of the stress out of moving and means you can focus right away on your university education. 


No Roommates

Now, this might be a con for some, but not having to deal with roommates can be a great benefit. No other people to contend with in your space means you have complete creative liberty, don’t have to clean up after others, can play your own music, and overall have a space that is entirely your own.

Even if you do enjoy having roommates, the fantastic facilities at Studio 8 Residences, Ryde, include common areas, BBQ facilities, and more to mingle with the other students living there. 


Students appreciate the chillout zone at Studio 8 Residences, Ryde.


Facilities and Services

Speaking of facilities, studio apartment complexes often include a great array of facilities and services with access included in the weekly rent. Listed below are some of the areas available to the residents of Studio 8 Student Accommodation:


studio 8 services and facilities


More Environmentally Friendly

Lastly, for the environmentally conscious resident, the smaller space means less of a footprint on the environment. Having a smaller apartment means that things like having the lights on and using the air conditioner are greatly reduced compared to other households. Water usage and waste generation are also much lower than the average household.


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Whether you’re an international student or you’ve come to Sydney from another region in Australia, staying in a studio apartment at Studio 8 Residences will give you the best of convenience, location, and quality. You’ll enjoy the vibe and be free to focus on your studies.



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