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What is an Extended Stay? Your Complete Guide (2022)

Worldwide travel is back on the cards as the pandemic-incurred travel ban is being removed or reduced in most countries. Finally reopening doors around the globe that have been closed during recent years, business people, students, travellers, and tourists alike are planning trips like never before.

With this renewed fervour to go ‘somewhere or anywhere’, we’ve seen airlines and hotels introduce deals and offers to entice this market back into the chaotic yet comforting embrace of travel. 


Leisure, however, is towards the bottom of the priority list for some travellers. In the case of international or rural students studying in one of the major cities of Australia such as Sydney, it’s been a rough time to study. Forced to attend university online, these students have been watching poorly scheduled and recorded Zoom classes, receiving spotty communication with tutors, and have not had the chance to experience the uni lifestyle they were hoping for.

International borders are finally opening in Australia and these students are looking to get back into their degrees in the big city, although there is just one more issue to consider. Accommodation.


Should you stay in a share-house? An apartment? A hotel?

As most people know, a hotel works like this:

  1. You book a room.
  2. Check-in.
  3. Stay a couple of nights.
  4. Check out and go about your business.


But what happens when you’re in a new city for an extended period for work or study with no furniture, no place to stay, no potential roommates to share-house with, and a spotty knowledge of the area at best?


Well, there’s always the option of an extended stay hotel.


What is an Extended Stay?


An extended stay, or long stay, is a term describing a longer-term accommodation with the comforts and amenities that help guests feel at home.

Furnished housing, often featuring discounted pricing, in a prime location is the perfect temporary transition for someone looking to move into the area or a great option for someone conducting seasonal work or finishing their degree in the city. A standard extended stay tends to last from several weeks to several months (on the more extreme side), depending on the needs and time frame of the customer.

Varying options for extended stays come with different styles of accommodation to suit all needs. From single studio apartments to multi-roomed king-sized space, all depending on the needs and wants of the customer, the price can vary but is usually affordable with great perks.

For a more in-depth look at how to choose an extended stay hotel, click here!



What are the Differences Compared to Other Styles of Accommodation?


Whilst a regular hotel is geared towards short-term accommodation, and a house/apartment rental leans more towards semi-permanence, the long stay or extended stay hotel fits somewhere in the middle.

Hotels are more expensive on a per night basis than the other options and don’t offer much in terms of personal facilities within the room itself such as a kitchen. On the other hand, hotels feature housekeeping and a set of hotel facilities (pool, lounge area, rooftop, etc.) plus provide a more hassle-free stay.

Renting a house or apartment comes with its own difficulties but benefits at the same time. On average, renting will tend to be cheaper in the long run, but with the added cost of a bond and utilities, the upfront costs and hassles can prove a bit much. The space, freedom, and personalisation of your own place is a huge benefit although it does come with the need to buy or rent furniture (unless you rent furnished at extra cost).

Finally, the long term stay accommodation option provides the best of both worlds.



Benefits of an Extended Stay


The extended stay has many benefits that make it stand out from other options:



On average, extended stay hotels offer more affordable pricing and better deals on long term rooms. With longer accommodation resulting in less costs and easier work for the hotel staff, it’s easy to see why these rooms are affordable.



Availability varies depending on the time of year but with the possibility to stay more than a couple weeks at a furnished apartment at discounted rates, it’s one of the best options to establish yourself in a new city. This means you don’t have to commit to a minimum 6-month contract when you first arrive in the city whilst also keeping expenses as low as possible.


In-Room Amenities

One of the major benefits and features of a long term stay room is the kitchenette. As a student on a budget, you can’t afford to eat out for every meal. The in-room kitchenette can be a massive money saver in the long run. Furthermore, the internet, TV, a private bathroom, air conditioner, and more are fantastic ways to keep comfortable in a new city.



On top of the in-room amenities, extended stay hotels, much like their short-term counterparts, have a wide range of facilities to cater to the needs of their guests. From gyms to laundry facilities, and from BBQ areas to for-guest-use commercial kitchens, these hotels contain everything needed to go about your life as stress-free as possible. 


What Does a Long Term Stay Room Include?

Featuring a majority of the creature comforts you’d find in your own home, an extended stay hotel usually includes a number of amenities to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Using the Studio 8 Deluxe Single Studio as an example, some of the amenities involved might be:




Studio 8 Long Term Stays 

If you’re interested in finding long term accommodation in Sydney, whether it be for study or for work, Studio 8 has you covered. Featuring everything mentioned in this article and more, Studio 8 is the place to check out for your extended stay needs. Click the link to find out more!



If you’re looking for affordable but excellent accommodation, contact Studio 8 here for more information or to organise an inspection. We would be delighted to show you our available room types and all the many facilities we offer our residents.


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