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Study in Sydney: One of the Best Cities to Study In


Almost 1.4 million students are educated in Australian universities each year. Many people realise that the country offers an excellent quality of life as well as a world-class education. But do you know the many other benefits?

For international studying, Sydney has everything you could want. Read on as we discuss why you should study in Sydney. 

1. Excellent Weather

Many international students are looking to study in Sydney for a number of reasons, one of which is the wonderful weather. You can spend your days doing all sorts of outdoor activities, like riding a bike, exploring the city, or learning to surf at Manly or Bondi Beach. As a student, you won’t need to spend too much time indoors when there’s so much to do outside!

Never underestimate the impact great weather can have on your mood and mental health. When you have spent a week studying hard, you need to unwind and relax. That becomes a lot easier when you can get out and about in the sunshine. 

The summer in the city is warm and partly cloudy. When winter arrives, you can expect it to be short and temperate.

From November to April, you are going to get months of some of the best weather, allowing you to do what you like. So put down the books and go for a bike ride in the city or hit the famous Bondi Beach for waves and relaxation. 

2. Choice of Universities

Sydney has five excellent universities that you can choose from. Four out of five are ranked in Australia’s top ten. They are spread across multiple campuses, mainly in the inner city but also in the northern and western suburbs. 

  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Sydney
  • Western Sydney University
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • Macquarie University

A range of other University facilities is also in the city. The Australian Catholic University, Notre Dame, Curtin, and Wollongong also have a presence here.

All courses are under strict monitoring by the Australian government. This means they have very high academic standards and are internationally recognised.  

When starting your education in Sydney, you are not left alone either. There are non-government organisations, charities and the local government that will provide resources and help. They can assist you with everything from fees to studies, finding work and more. 

3. Job Opportunities 

Many people who are studying in Sydney choose to make it their permanent home. This is because there are a wealth of job opportunities for graduates. From construction to technology, you are sure to find the position you always dreamed about. 

Sydney is the economic powerhouse of Australia, accounting for nearly a quarter of the country’s GDP. The city is home to the largest manufacturing industry in Australia, with a diverse range of service industries, mining and industrial equipment, food processing, chemicals and steel. More than half of Australia’s top 100 companies are headquartered in Sydney, and the city is also home to more than 65% of all Asia Pacific regional headquarters located in Australia, totaling more than 600 companies.

Around ten years ago, the City of Sydney started to invest in employment on a large scale. This continues today and has turned the city into a global financial powerhouse. By 2026 it is estimated that finance, professional services, and telecommunications will account for around 40% of the city’s economy. 

The New South Wales government is just as committed to helping those who want to start a business. Grants are available for everything from creative and business events to general industry assistance. So if you have an exciting startup planned, it will be hard to find a better place to do it. 

4. Inclusion and Diversity

Sydney has always been a city built on international ties and immigration. This has made it one of the most vibrant cultural hubs in the whole of the country and the world. Many schools and universities have diversity weeks, where you can learn about the cultures of others around you.

Universities have strong ties with South East Asia and India. As its five universities have different campuses all over the city, you will have a chance to meet people from all over the world in different areas. Each of these campuses has its own identity and culture itself, giving you exciting places to visit. 

5. Quality of Life

Australia is famous for its laid-back culture and a Sydney education is no different. Everyone from your lecturers to your classmates will employ a relaxed approach to life. 

This can even filter through to the path your education takes. In many academic institutions around the world, it can be hard to change course once you begin. Yet in Australia altering your educational path is much easier. 

6. Great Transportation Links

Despite its remote geographic location, Sydney is extremely easy to access from other parts of the world. Sydney Airport is one of the biggest and most continually operated airports in the world, connecting to all the world hubs. It is also served by another four public airports, with a fifth under construction. 

Once you are in the city, public transportation makes it easy to get around. Once you pick up one of the contactless Opal Cards, you will have access to buses, ferries, trains, and trams across the city and its suburbs. 

7. Social Life

Students in Sydney benefit from some of the most exciting social opportunities in the world. With its multicultural history, a range of world cuisines is available in its fantastic restaurants. From street food markets and food vans to world-class fine dining, eating out is a real highlight. 

Even if you don’t want food, then you can visit some of the coolest bars. From beachside retreats to a hang-out on campus, there is plenty of social space for day and nighttime revelry. 

There is always an event or two going on in the city. It attracts huge sporting competitions from around the world. If music is your thing, you can watch huge stadium gigs or catch local bands in the concert halls and bars. 


Study in Sydney

Now you are convinced about the benefits, you can start to look at courses to study in Sydney. Think about what you want to pursue, then peruse the various university prospectus. Before long, you will be packing for an exciting life in Australia. 

Cross one job off your moving list by staying at Studio 8 Residences. We have accommodation for long and short stays in Sydney. Contact us here to arrange your stay in the city and see how we can help you settle in. 



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