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Studio Apartments – Are They Right For You?

Are studio apartments really worth it? These unique properties are becoming a popular choice for homeowners, renters, holidayers, and investors alike. Their small size, reasonable price, and good location make them ideal for those looking for a place closer to the city. However, they’re not for everyone. To help you decide whether studio apartments are right for you or not, we’ve developed this guide with all the factors you need to consider before making the choice on studio apartments.

What is a studio apartment?

A studio apartment is a small apartment which consists of only one large room and a bathroom, where all the normal functions of a number of rooms are combined. They’re a popular choice for students, young professionals, and individuals who’ve only just recently moved out as they offer affordability and prime location in hubs, with commonly modern designs. They’re easy to style, keep clean, and are great for avoiding a shared house lifestyle. They’re also growing in popularity for those looking for short stays, as they offer all the amenities at a cheaper price.  But don’t confuse them with one-bedroom apartments – these studios can be as small as 15sqm, with larger sizes still only around 40sqm. 


The factors of living in a studio apartment:

Rent is cheaper

Although rent rates vary depending on your location, studio apartments are generally cheaper than one or two-bedroom apartments due to their size and functionality. Similarly, you’ll be able to enjoy a nicer quality studio apartment thanks to its price range and the added benefit of being located well. They’re a great option for those looking to live an affordable but quality lifestyle.


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Utilities are inexpensive

Aside from cheaper rent, utility costs in studio apartments are often a lot more affordable. It’s much cheaper to cool and heat small places, meaning your electricity bill isn’t as high. You also don’t need as many lights or bulbs or have space for quite as many appliances. More so, elevated apartments (a common location for studios) actually stay warmer through winter. 

Easier to clean 

A little space means little to clean! Furthermore, having to extend little time and effort on cleaning will mean you’ll be more prone to cleaning frequently. It’ll easily be in top shape! Great for those who love a tidy household with little maintenance required.

Similarly, find a place that offers housekeeping and cleaning services? No maintenance necessary.

Less clutter to accumulate 

Okay, we get that a small space isn’t always an ideal choice at first… But the best part about small spaces is there’s less clutter to accumulate. You know those people who own 6 bedroom houses and always complain about clutter? There’s a reason. With little space, you’re not likely to hoard or make any unnecessary purchases in terms of the household. You’ll make intentional choices and have exactly what you need, no more, no less. Which is also pretty good for that mental state… The factor of decreased clutter makes studio apartments really worth living!

Encourages an outgoing lifestyle

With little space and no unnecessary items in the home, you’ll likely want to go out a lot more than you usually would. This isn’t a bad thing at all, it merely encourages you to be a part of the community and separate your home time from your adventure time – which, in turn, can lead to better enjoyment of both…



More environmentally friendly 

You know those decreased energy bills we were talking about? Yep: reduced electricity means less waste generation on your part. Pretty good for the environment!


Studio apartments are always worth it when you want to be well-located without having to break the bank. These styles of apartments are always centered in inner-city hubs with a lot of amenities and often in the very heart of the city itself. They boast stunning views on top of the benefit of having the world at your fingertips. 

If you’re someone who prefers staying out of the crowds, studio apartments can be a stress, however, some places do locate themselves in some pretty stunning hubs that aren’t right in the city centre but offer everything you need!


Difficult to have visitors

The one downside to studio apartments is that it can be more difficult to have visitors. Firstly, a lot of apartments are secured quite well, meaning you’ll need to go and pick your friend off the street with your keycard anytime you want someone over. But they’re also a lot smaller and don’t allow you to have people stay or even spend a lot of time in the space. This isn’t ideal for a lot of people, but some studio apartments do come with the added benefit of twin beds or even a foldout couch, meaning you can make accommodations where necessary.

Small size

Okay, we can’t dance around the size forever. Studio apartments are small and we mean it. But we also mean it when we say that they accumulate less clutter, less mess, and less stress for you everyday. They can be a lot more rewarding than you might think…


Cheaper than hotels

For those deciding whether a studio apartment is worth it for a short stay, it’s good to keep in mind that most studio apartments are a lot cheaper than hotel rooms. More so, studio apartments come with a full kitchenette, saving you the extra $$ on finding the same style of room in a hotel. They’re the best way to have an affordable stay, without compromising on luxury. 


There are so many benefits to staying or living in a studio apartment. Despite their small size, they boast incredible amenities, great affordability, incredible locations, and more. If you’re willing to live a more humble lifestyle than you would in a mansion or full house, this form of accommodation is just what you need to live a truly unique and luxurious lifestyle.

Here at Studio 8 Residences, we have all that you need for long or short stays in Sydney. We boast central location, friendly staff, spacious suites, great city views, the perfect amenities, and even free WiFi. For more information on studio apartments and your options here in Sydney, contact us here anytime.



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