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Sydney student accommodation: where to live

Sydney student accommodation: where to live

Sydney is a multi-faceted city. Its unique history, culture, and vibrant nightlife make it one of the most exciting spots in Australia. Sydney has a lot of things to offer you as a student.

Sydney is home to thousands of university students looking for a bright career. It has long been the centre where many choose to go to school, and the population is growing faster than ever. An increasing number of visitors and students require accommodation that is a trustworthy and spacious place to rent, not just for domestic but also for international students.

Are you, as a student, looking for a place to live for an extended period? We will help you choose quality accommodation in this blog.

Types of accommodation

There are a number of different kinds of accommodation you can choose from in Sydney. You can choose from hotels, apartments, hostels, guesthouses, villas or even a full home. However, each style of accommodation is suited for varying budgets and needs, meaning it’s important to consider which is right for you.

Most students feel more comfortable in apartments or hotels, as they’re much cheaper and come with a range of amenities that make it easy to study and live. They’re also a lot closer to the city centre and surrounding universities, making travel much simpler.

There are many styles of rooms available so it’s good to work out your needs early so you can make the best decision.

Types of accomodation

Factors to consider when choosing student accommodation

When choosing your accommodation, it’s handy to keep these things in mind:

  • Know your budget for rent
  • Don’t forget to check the cost of utilities
  • Figure out your university location and how you’ll make it there
  • The cost of the deposit
  • Consider the lease terms
  • Choose roomates wisely (or invest in a single room)
  • When to start looking (we’d recommend well in advance)
  • Beware of scammers

Cost of living in Sydney

Sydney is among one of the top 10 most expensive cities in the world to live, with cost of living climbing as high as New York and London in some cases, and the most expensive city in Australia. This is based on the cost of food, clothing, rent, transportation, utility bills and recreational costs. It’s sure worth it in terms of location and opportunity, but there are a few ways you can control your costs while living there.

We’d recommend investing in an Opal card early. Opal is the smartcard ticketing system used to pay for travel on public transport through Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, the Hunter and the Illawarra. It makes it easy (and affordable) to get around without having to worry about parking. If you want an even cheaper option? Consider whether or not you’ll be able to walk/bike to your desired locations instead.

Similarly, finding accommodation that covers some of your amenities will help keep your costs down without impeding on your ability to live.

It’s generally a good idea to develop a budget before you move, to help you prepare for your expenses and be ready for any surprises.

Cost of living in Sydney

Food in Sydney

Sydney is popular for its dining and bistro experiences. It’s a great place to travel to if you’re looking for a unique experience with food. However, for a student juggling school and having little time to work, Sydney can seem like a tough place to live and eat, well.

Completely free food is hard to come by in Sydney… unless you’re into dumpster diving.

But if you buy your own groceries and aim to cook most of your food at home, you’ll be able to treat yourself to some wonderful flavours and healthy meals, without breaking the bank. Finding accommodation that includes a kitchenette can help save a lot of money in the long run, so it’s definitely something to consider early. It’s also a good idea to try and stretch your money on groceries, finding the cheapest options and looking for few-ingredient meals that won’t break the bank. Coupons can come in handy in Sydney.

When you do have enough money to treat yourself to eat out? Always take advantage of deals and specials. Here are a few tips to getting the most of out your dining experience in Sydney:

  • Lunch is often the meal you’ll find the most specials or discounts on – fill up at lunch and cook dinner at home
  • Go to food courts between 4-5pm to catch reductions on fresh food, although keep in mind closing times will vary between vendors
  • Sydney’s “Cheap Tuesday” deals are there for a reason! For one night of the week, some services drop their prices, meaning you can bag some really cheap meals from some really popular places
  • First Table is a valuable resource to use when you want to go out for dinner in all cities – it’s an early bird dining platform that allows you to find a list of high-end restaurants, pay $10 to book one of their “first tables” and receive 50% off your total food bill
  • Lentil As Anything is a donation-based vegetarian restaurant in the inner-west of Sydney, operating on the value that everyone should have access to healthy food, without limitations – you pay what you want for your meal and can even volunteer to say thanks

Food in Sydney



While there are many options for students to choose from, quality accommodation is lacking. Studio 8 offers spacious and quality accommodation. Contact us to check out Studio 8 accommodation for students or explore everything on offer here.

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