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Best student accommodation Sydney

5 tips for finding quality student accommodation in Sydney

Looking for the perfect place to begin your new life studying can be exciting and daunting, especially when it’s time to find out where you’ll be living. For many students, deciding on off-campus private student accommodation often seems like it’s much further down their list of things to do. Still, moving day comes too soon for many students, and deciding which provider you stay with is not always an easy choice. We’ve outlined some handy tips to ensure that you’re getting quality accommodation from the provider.

Tip 1: Check out the location

It’s a good idea to check out the location you’ll be staying in and get as much information as possible. We’re not talking just the accommodation itself, but the city or suburb you’ll be located in.

It’s helpful if you know some of the amenities around, so you don’t have to worry about finding them fresh after moving. Look for things like where to do your shopping, where to eat out, where you can park and even things like where you can do your laundry. It’ll also make it easier for you to make a decision in the long run: if you find a place that’s perfect for you but is a good distance from much-needed services? You’ll have the ability to opt out of this choice early, saving you from making that discovery after signing anything… Or, if you’re really into it, you can easily plan ahead.

It’s also helpful to try and identify where the nearest emergency services are located. Though we hope you won’t be needing them, it can save a lot of hassle and stress knowing where these things are early. It can also sometimes help you navigate how safe an area is: if you’re on the same street as a police station, you can usually rest assured things will stay pretty clean on your end of the street…

Tip 2: Convenience, privacy, and safety

Sure, location will decide some of the levels of convenience, privacy and safety you have available in your area, but it’s good to make sure the accommodation itself considers these factors as well.

You should look for a place that offers a healthy amount of privacy and safety, as well as added convenience. For example…

You won’t need to worry about finding your local laundromat if there’s already a laundry facility in your building, much like you won’t need to worry about finding a bar, restaurant or even local convenience store if they’re available there already. It’ll also save you having to travel too far for these things, forcing you to occasionally take public transport or be out walking too late.

Similarly, a place with a good security system, locked doors, security screens and cameras will make life a lot easier for you. It’ll also cover you in terms of privacy: no one wants to hear kids running directly outside their room for hours all day or deal with strangers running about the building.

You deserve a secure, safe, private, and convenient location that’ll allow you to study, and live, in peace.

Privacy convenience and safety

Tip 3: Check social life

We’re not just talking about bars and restaurants here…

Sure, we think it’s a good idea to find where some of the nightlife is at, it gives you a way to make friends, unwind after a long week, and gives you the kind of experiences that you’ll be talking about for years after.

However, we think it’s a good idea to investigate all kinds of social life available in the area.

Find your interests and try to look for ways to meet friends in more calm and relaxed spaces.

A library is probably a good idea to locate for anyone studying, but if you’re a sports maniac? Find somewhere you can play in a team. If you’re someone who can struggle every now and then with any kind of issue? Consider finding where support groups are. Even opt for finding the nearest church, if you’re ever in need of some religious support.

The truth is, your options are endless when it comes to socialising in a new city. But it’s a good idea to keep yourself aware of all the many options, so when you have a spare weeknight free, you can find yourself exploring the best of what the city has to offer.

Best student accommodation Sydney

Tip 4: Explore different types of rooms

It’s likely you’ll have a few rooming options for your accommodation. Take our rooms here at Studio 8 for example…

We offer Queen, Twin and Single Deluxe rooms and each serve very different purposes.

Our Deluxe Queen Studio is our most spacious and popular room, featuring a balcony, a Samsung Flat Screen TV, air-conditioning, a private bathroom with a shower and a kitchenette, plus more!

It’s the kind of room that’s great for a couple or individual who enjoys a bit of luxury living, with added privacy and the kind of amenities that make life easy for everyone.

Our Deluxe Twin Studio, however, offers 2 King Single beds with a balcony, Samsung Flat Screen TV, air-conditioning and all the other benefits of the Deluxe Queen room, just set up for two individuals to dwell. So, if you’re a set of twins or have a friend you really want to bunk with, this is the kind of room for you

Our Deluxe Single Studio is perfect for solo-stayers who want complete privacy but don’t need the luxury of a balcony or a queen bed.

You can rest assured that most student accommodation will have multiple room options, which means it’s a really good idea to explore them all to help you come to the right decision on which room is perfect for you.

Tip 5: Ensure your accommodation aligns with your values

Making sure your accommodation aligns with your values may sound a little silly, but it’s actually crucial when finding the right place for you.

There are 3 main types of values that are more commonly considered in the workplace, however they also come into play when finding the right student accommodation for you. Your accommodation should align with your:

  • Intrinsic values

The intangible parts of your student life in your accommodation; the things that make you feel motivated, fulfilled, and even safe in your space. An example of this is being able to be your real self and express your creativity in your space.

  • Extrinsic values

The tangible rewards derived from your student accomodation. This could include the ability to study, offering a safe space for others to study and complete group tasks, and even your ability to access the right amenities to complete your study tasks.

  • Lifestyle values

These are a type of “second-tier” value. This can include living in a big city, traveling, having a big night life or living simply.

It’s a good idea to consider how your student accommodation will fit into these 3 types of values, as it’ll ensure you have the right amount of motivation and comfortability to not only study to the best of your ability, but live, too.

Ensure your accommodation aligns with your values



Make sure you do your research! By doing so, you will be able to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each accommodation option based on what’s available in Sydney.

When deciding where to live as a new college graduate, ensure you have taken all necessary steps to understand how you determine your accommodation.

Studio 8 offers spacious and quality accommodation with the kind of amenities perfect for any student. Contact us to check out Studio 8 accommodation.

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