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Welcome to Studio 8 Residences. Whether its for work or play we have you covered with Sydney’s latest accommodation offering, incorporating seamless design with functionality and style.

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Studio 8 Residences | Accommodation in Ryde

Accommodation in Ryde

Frequently asked questions about student accommodation in Sydney

How much does it cost to live in Sydney as a student?

Expenses vary according to your lifestyle, however there are a few core aspects to plan for when you live in Sydney as a student.

International students will need to demonstrate financial capacity to cover living costs, with additional costs for extra family members. The current threshold of financial evidence, and other detailed information can be found at the Department of Home Affairs’ website.

Consider what you will need to cover accommodation, food, and entertainment in addition to the cost of your tuition.

Take a look at the Australian Government’s student visa step-by-step guide for more detailed information.

It is also worth checking out the Australian Government’s MoneySmart website to help you plan for living on a student budget.

FAQ Student Accomodation Cost

To give you an idea of how a weekly student budget might look, consider the following (courtesy of the Australian Government website Study in Australia):

  • allow $80 – $280 for weekly groceries.
  • if you buy lunch on campus, expect a meal to cost $10-$15 each – enquire with your university to see whether they offer a rewards/discounts program.
  • for entertainment, allow $80-$150 per week. If you carry your student card you may be able to access discounts at cinemas and other outlets.

Along with general living expenses, your course requirements may include textbooks, stationery and materials (for example, lab coats). You might be able to find second-hand textbooks that are the right edition.

Expect to pay between $50-$80/hour for tutoring, but do check with your university or college to see whether they offer a free or discounted mentoring program.

Public transport is accessed with an Opal card, which you can purchase online or from a registered outlet. If you require a single trip only, you can purchase those at the train station or a retailer.

The other aspect to bear in mind is that Overseas Student Health Cover is compulsory for international students studying in Australia. Contact your insurance provider for your individual rates.


Is it quality student accommodation at Studio 8 Residences?

Yes. Think of Studio 8 Residences as your “home away from home” where our staff pay attention to you as an individual, and ensure the facilities are well-maintained.

Each of the student accommodation studios were created to include every feature that students need, while keeping a clean and minimalist design. For students who don’t want to stay in housing that might be cheap, but can be uncomfortable, Studio 8 Residences is a perfect solution that balances price and facilities. The beds are super-comfortable, air-conditioning helps students stay focused, and there are chill-out spaces both indoors and outdoors to socialise and enjoy the views.

FAQ Student Accomodation: Quality

What are the different room options?

Students can choose from three options catered for in Studio 8 Residences’ 47 studios:

~ Deluxe Single Studio with a King Single Bed

~ Deluxe Twin Studio with two King Single Beds

~ Deluxe Queen Studio with a Queen Size Bed.

There’s nothing better than knowing each option includes premium bedding and all linens, a flat screen TV, work desk, a kitchenette, and a private bathroom (including complimentary toiletries).

Please speak with us prior to booking if you require an accessible room so that we can ensure one is available.

Please note that all rooms are non-smoking.

Click through for more details on Studio 8 Residences Rooms.

Contact us to organise an inspection.

How close is Studio 8 Residences to my university or college?

Studio 8 Residences is located out of the hustle of Macquarie Park, but only 5.3 kilometres from Macquarie University.

Students studying at Le Cordon Bleu Australia only need to walk 850 m to their campus.

Ryde TAFE  is just  900 m from your accommodation at Studio 8 Residences.

What is there to do in Sydney while I am studying?

When studying in Sydney, it’s great to find free things to do so that you go easy on your budget.

Here are ideas to spark your imagination:

1. Head to the beach

Sydney is known for its clean beaches and many Aussies would say there’s no better way to spend a weekend than riding the waves. And don’t miss the chance to experience whale season – choose a lookout over the ocean to see these majestic creatures pass by.

Head to the beach!

2. Find a quiet space

Visit the Royal Botanic Garden which is located in the middle of Sydney’s CBD, and join one of the free guided tours. Or explore one of the many gardens found in Sydney.

3. Explore the national parks

Royal National Park is the biggest of Sydney’s national parks, and is free to access via public transport. Then meander through the others, with both beach and bush to choose from.

4. Walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Head down to the historic Rocks on the south side of the harbour; the stairs up to the bridge are located at the pedestrian crossing on Cumberland Street, near the Australian Heritage Hotel. Take in the panoramic view at the south-eastern Pylon Lookout.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

5. Visit a museum or art gallery

The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the Art Gallery of NSW both offer free entry.

Then, check out the Powerhouse Museum and, if you enjoy a nautical flavour, parts of the Australian National Maritime Museum are free.


This is only the beginning of thinking about things to do while you’re studying in Sydney, as the city is bursting with art, culture, entertainment and events. But these free ideas will inspire you to discover more.

And when you choose Studio 8 Residences for your student accommodation while studying in Sydney, you’ll enjoy the best of “just right” facilities and a great space to come back to after a day on the town.

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